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Environment Projects

Chapina Bonita Stoves


The cooking smoke will be history in entire village of Guatemala thanks to the Chapina Bonita econologic stove. 

For March 2015 the cooking smoke will be history in San José Calderas Lagoon and and San Francisco de Sales villages and due to the women request from other villages we will continue installing Chapinas Bonitas in the surrounding areas of the Pacaya Volcano National Park.

The Chapina Bonita is a unique firewood stove designed by Guatemalans Rotarians  due to the low cost (US$45.00), the use of local material, low maintenance and the easy way to assemble it, giving the opportunity to meet the program´s goal to smoke free all the households of at least two willages each year. 

In each village selected Rotarian Volunteers are in charge of managing the materials and assembling the stoves and every week Rotarians deliver and install the griddle and the chimeney.

Each beneficiary family contributes with US$20.00, and with private donations, the total cost of the stove is covered.    The Rotary Club Rotario East covers the transportation of the materials and Rotarians give logistics suppport.



Prevent serious sight and respiratory illnesses, relieves headaches and eye irritation, ecologic benefit protecting forest because of the reduced consumption from 70 to 80% of firewood and helps the family economy.  In addition, women have expressed their happiness, appreciation and love to the stove for the convenience of cooking in an environment without pollution. 

If you would like to participate in a Global Grant or make a direct donation please contact us.